Tuesday, December 6, 2011

McCalls 6444 - A Cozy Alternative!

I sewed McCalls 6444:

It is a PERFECT alternative to the cozy!

I like the cozy just fine, but to sew a cozy takes 2 yards of fabric. I made View A from McCalls 6444, which has a similar style effect, but takes much less fabric. I sewed mine with the cuffed sleeves from the Simplicity cozy pattern and the entire thing took a little less than 1 3/8 yard of 60" wide fabric. It is economical on yardage for sure!

What I like about the design is that it starts draping higher than the cozy because of the collar. I love that about this!

I used a soft and drapey gray and white knit that is perfect for this style.

Note that the pattern drawing makes it look like this has extended shoulders, but when I sewed mine, it sewed up as regular set in sleeves. Not certain, but it might have been because I used the sleeves from the Simplicity cozy pattern. The regular set in sleeves make this look casual, but not sloppy. And I like that!

If you want a cozy alternative, definitely check out this pattern!

And make this day a good one!