Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No sewing--still sprucing up around here

No sewing as I am still sprucing it up around here. But before I get to that, take a look at this SJP outfit--WOW! I love the jacket, skirt and bag:

Makes me want to sew some clothes, but I want to take care of sprucing it up around here first (there are not enough hours in the day!), so . . .

Back to home dec--as I mentioned earlier, I changed the shower curtain in the bathroom, but that wasn't the end of it. I'm still working on that room and am making a few more small changes. I've had the fun pic below for around 10 years and haven't used it in a while. Since it picks up the blue that's in the shower curtain, I put it on display again. I'm happy to have it there, even if it doesn't quite match the mood of the shower curtain.

I'm also thinking that I want to make a small covered box with some of the leftover Lauren sheet, or if not, then I want to trim a container with some of the fabric. I also pulled a green towel from the back of the towel closet that I haven't been using because the decorative cotton bands woven in at both ends shrunk very badly--I'm thinking that I'll double it, cut it off right at the bands, shape it, then make a bath mat with it that's trimmed with fabric from the Lauren sheet. I am planning to finish these projects before sewing anything else. The coordinating pieces that I'm planning will give my bathroom a polished pulled together look and they will look like they cost a mint, but we all know that they will not have cost very much. Decorating on a dime--what a great way to refresh the look of a room! :-)

BTW--Thanks, Karen! Everyone who doesn't know anything about sewing always assumes that cloth napkins are crazy expensive, and bought ones are, but when you sew your napkins, they hardly cost anything!

Make a nice living space for yourself and make this day a good one!

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