Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vogue 2789 Has 50 Tucks!!!

It seems like ages since I've sewn something to wear, so I'm very happy about finally finishing OOP Vogue 2789 late on Saturday night. 

I made the version with the 50 corset type tucks--26 in the back and 24 in the front.  FIFTY!!!

This is how it looked on Saturday morning--the style is as is except that I sewed it with long sleeves. The original tie sleeve design is cute, but I changed it because I wanted a basic fitted shirt with long sleeves. 

After trying it on again on Saturday morning, I decided that I couldn't stand the flat open collar.  I rarely ever sew anything with that type of collar because I just don't like it on me.  I keep trying to make it work, but it never does.  So I took it apart and removed the upper collar.  Just that one little tweak and I am over the moon about it!  It now reminds me of the 40s--a lot of 40s well tailored fitted suits have collars like this:  

And here it is on me--sorry it's still wrinkled.  I didn't have time to steam it.  Oh, and for the perfectionists, no those are not drag lines.  I adjusted the camera then rushed to stand in place before the timer went off.  I didn't have time to straighten everything.  Looks like I'm leaning to one side, too.  Oh well.  With timer pics, sometimes things look a little off, but IRL they're not.  You know how that is.

I'm not sure if this style will work for all figure types, but it definitely works for the hourglass.

The pattern was pretty easy to sew.  It's drafted well, so all of the pieces fit together perfectly.  And the sizing was spot on--I made my usual petite adjustments but didn't shorten the tucks.  I also made my usual hourglass adjustments.  As far as fit goes, that's all I did. The only reason it took me so long to finish was that I kept putting it down and walking away because sewing FIFTY tucks one after another all in a row seemed like the height of monotony to me and I didn't want to do that.  What happened is that I'd sew few and think--ooo tucks, looks good, then I'd get up and find something more interesting to do for a little while.  :-)

I'm glad it's finally finished.  It plugs a huge hole in my wardrobe.  I didn't have any basic long sleeved fitted white shirts in my wardrobe before today, and now I have one.  YAY!

Make this day a good one!

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