Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vogue 2080 - Betzina Sweetheart/Bolero Top - Done!

I didn't do much sewing today and only finished the Vogue 2080 Betzina sweetheart/bolero top:

It's super simple and took me less than an hour.  Here it is:

I used an emerald green knit with micro black stripes that aren't showing up in the pic.  The knit is not as soft as the knits that I've used to sew this top before, so it doesn't feel as comfy.  It fits, but just isn't as soft.

I sewed it with petite and hourglass adjustments.  The pattern comes with 3/4 length sleeves, but I wanted long sleeves, so I used my OOP Butterick 3344 TNT fitted sleeve pattern--it worked perfectly.  I usually raise the armholes on everything, but left it as is on this and it fits.

Looking at this top on me, I should have lengthened it at the hem a little, like I always do when I make this top.  I didn't this time around, but it could stand to be a little longer, so I'll go back to making that adjustment the next time I sew this.

The shorter length and the fact that the fabric is not as soft as I would like are deal breakers--I wore it for the past hour and it is uncomfortable.  I keep pulling it down at the hem to make it longer and then the neckline gets too low.  And because the fabric isn't soft, it's uncomfortable at the underarm seam.  There are 5 layers at that seam . . . FIVE!!!  With soft knits, it's alright.  But with a knit that isn't as soft as most knits, it is uncomfortable.  I can usually live with construction or stitching mistakes.  But when it comes to the way my clothes fit and feel, I'm very VERY finicky.  I love the way it looks and I love the color, but I'm donating it.

The mistakes were totally mine, not the pattern's.  Oh well.  No one's perfect.  :-)

I'm finally going back to my navy blue colorway and will sew my gray-blue jacket on Sunday. Thank goodness that fabric is perfect for that style! 

Make a nice living space for yourself and make this day a good one!

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  1. May I ask what your hourglass adjustments consist of?