Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Gigantic UFO Pile of Basics!!!

This weekend, it rained off and on where I live. It was perfect weather for sewing. So, did I finish any of my UFOs? Huh? Huh? Uh, no. :-p

But I did manage to make a teeny dent in that pile. I worked on this McCalls 5803 Hilary Duff ruffled top--I only have to finish the armholes and add the buttons/buttonholes.

Here are my other UFOs:

OOP Simplicity 3837:

OOP Simplicity 4273--I only had a yard of this fabric, so my choices of what to make were severely limited. I think I picked well as this cami is so basic that I'm sure I'll wear it a lot with jackets and sweaters:

Vogue 8279. I made a bright lemon yellow one that I really like, so I decided to make another one:

This is the daunting pile! There's so much to finish here!

Butterick 5223 black jacket with collar:

OOP & TNT Simplicity 4887 charcoal gray hoodie to wear with matching yoga pants that are already in my wardrobe:

OOP McCalls 5194 black jacket:

Simplicity black pants:

Believe it or not, I usually don't have any UFOs. I cut all of these out when I was thinning my stash. I cut them out to keep from tossing the fabric.

Since I'm on the subject of my queue, I also plan to sew another basic corduroy jacket for this year. Last year, I made a deep purple corduroy jacket and a plum one. I'm tossing the deep purple because it's worn out already. The plum is still in great shape, so I'm hanging on to it.

My corduroy jacket this year will either be navy or beige, and it'll probably be one of these styles:

And since this was my fave cardi, I am planning to make another one from a stash knit in a shade of rich violet:

I really want to get started on some inspiration pieces so my wardrobe will finally have some panache and style, but I want to finish the basics first so they'll be out of the way.

This is something else that I want to sew for myself--I love the bodice and shoulder treatment, and want to make a top in that style. Oprah has the best clothes!

Well, I was busy with other things this weekend, so I'm very happy that I at least did a little sewing. Hopefully, before the week is over, the Hilary Duff top with be finished.

BTW--this is a note for my fellow Catholics. I took the Catholics only post down, but just in case you only got to read the first paragraph before I took it down, I want to make it clear that I don't believe those things are legit. Far from it!!! They don't jive with our Catholic faith. I don't accept it at all.

Keep good thoughts and stay in the light, but always keep a good dose of skepticism, too, so you won't end up falling for things like that.

Blessings always,

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