Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Look 6606 - Fun top with the shaped hem!!!

Here's a pic of my New Look 6606 top with the shaped hem--it's on me with me cropped out:

Well, what can I say . . . only that I LOVE it!!! I knew I would!!! I'm so glad I did the style analysis for myself! If I hadn't, I might have been stuck with a kinda sorta like it, but not really top that lacked shaping. I would have wasted this rayon challis, which, by the way, I am absolutely mad about, AND I would have wasted precious time! Because of the simple analysis that I did, I avoided all of that!

Here's a heads up about this pattern--I raised the neckline because the bodice that I chose is drafted REALLY low!!! As an hourglass 8, I have learned not to wear low cut necklines. I don't know about other hourglass 8s, but because I'm shapely, I have found that wearing low cut necklines gets me the creepy type of attention that I don't want, and it can turn other women really snotty. I know non hourglass figure types who aren't the snotty type will probably think that this doesn't happen, but trust me, it does. Ask your hourglass friends and they will tell you.

Back to my point--some people love that type of attention and can deal with the jealousy, but I'd rather avoid all of that. I avoid the tooo buttoned up super modest look and I avoid the low cut look, too.

And about the points at the hem--to keep the points at the hem pointed, I simply serged the bottom (don't serge continuously around the point or you'll end up with rounded points), knotted the tail 3 times at the point before I cut the serged thread tail off, then put a drop of fray check right on the knot to secure it permanently. I took great care not to let the fray check get on anything but the knot by using a toothpick to do this.

I also used cotton twill tape as a stay at the front neckline. I used challis and I didn't want it to stretch when worn.

I finished several things from last weekend and this one--this top is from last week. I'll post pics of everything as I have time, so you can see how the pattern styles look when sewn.

I've also added a couple of skirts to my queue. Guess it's mini time! They're too cute, I tell you!!!

I don't know if the ruffled pockets will be unflattering to the hourglass 8 figure type, but I will find a way to make it work!!! :-)

And I want a fitted skirt with a paperbag waist just like this one--I'm going to make this one work, too:

BTW--BMV is having a huge one day only sale tomorrow. If you are on their email list, check your email. They are having a shop before noon discount that's in addition to their sale prices!

Hope you had a good weekend!

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