Friday, February 17, 2012

My Pale Yellow RTW Tunic - shortened

I have had a pale yellow RTW tunic for ages, but have not been wearing it because it was too long. I've actually been thinking about giving it away for a while now, but didn't because I really like it.

It's loose fitting, has extended shoulder 3/4 length sleeves, is made of wrinkle resistant linen, has monochromatic embroidery and understated tiny silver beading that I absolutely love. I'm petite, and it's a junior sized tunic that originally ended right above my knees. That length doesn't work for me--it never has. But at hip length, it is perfect, so I shortened it to hip length, added side vents, and took in the sleeves so they would be fitted at the bottom.

I now have a perfect Spring-Summer top that will go well with white bottoms--think shorts, bermudas, clam diggers, and even a skirt. It'll go well with pale blue jeans, too--love pale yellow with pale blue!


I have been quite busy and can't believe I actually altered the tunic so quickly! Well, quickly after deciding to finally do it, anyway.

Hopefully, the NL 6071 pale blue and white knit top will be just as quick. But, uhhh . . . I won't be holding my breath. LOL!

Make this day a good one!

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