Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A 6 Pac for Moi!!! An Unconventional One!!!

I don't have it in me to sew a SWAP, so I am sewing a 6-Pac . . . an unconventional one.  I'm using only stash notions, patterns and fabric--my stash is really small right now and I want to use it up.

I'll be centering it around this pale blue RTW sweater that I've had for ages--it's not part of the 6 Pac . . . it's the extra RTW piece in my unconventional 6 pac:

I'm not normally mad about blues or pastels, but I really like this sweater in this color! Go figure!

My colors will be blue and yellow. I won't be sewing any bottoms as the dresses are stand alones and I'll be wearing the tops with jeans that I already have.

So far, I've decided to make these pieces:

New Look 6051--the only knit that I'm planning to sew:

OOP McCalls 5042--woven cotton--I'll probably change the neckline:

New Look 6002 in a yellow monochromatic printed cotton pique--I don't like the bottom pleats so I'll be sewing it with a darted fitted bottom:

New Look 6067 is a dress pattern, but I'll be sewing a top from this in a solid yellow--it'll look similar to this:

That's all I've settled on so far. Hopefully, I'll be able to find something from Mad Men in a yellow or blue that can be incorporated into this 6 pac--I'd love to sew either a top or a dress in a large yellow gingham check!

I will probably sew OOP Simplicity 4182 as my topper/jacket, but haven't decided on the color, yet:

I will probably sew the jacket last.

I'll do a concept board later and will put it in the side bar.

If you don't have it in you to sew a full SWAP, go sew yourself a 6 pac, like me, and make this day a good one! :-)

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