Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking Down a Michael Kors Top . . . a Re-Do!

I have a Michael Kors top in my wardrobe that I haven't worn much. It has puffed sleeves and is a little to big for me. I'm a size S or XS and it's a size M. Even if they didn't have my size, I liked the print and color, and it fit well enough for RTW, so I got it anyway. I probably could have lived with it being a little too big, but I could not stand the puffed sleeves.

I was about to toss it when I decided to alter it into something I'd like better. One sleeve was off when it dawned on me that you might want to see the process, so I took some pics.  . . . voila:

Here's the top with one sleeve already removed:

Here it is inside out:

The armholes are too low for me, so I am shortening the yoke at the shoulder--the higher neckline will work better for me, too:

To get rid of the super loose fit, I'm taking in the sides. I don't want this to be a fitted top, so I'm only taking it in from the armhole to the waist. Altering it like that will give it the illusion of being a loose fitting top, but it won't look sloppy because it will actually be semi-fitted from the bust to the waist and loose fitting from the waist to the hem.


I'm finishing the armhole with a narrow rolled hem:

When all of that is done, I'm handstitching the yoke closed. And when that's done, I'll have an altered RTW top that I'll really like and that no one else has! :-)

Hopefully, the alterations on the Kors top will go quickly so I'll be able to start on the New Look 6071 top that I've mentioned here before--this one:

If I have time, I want to make this OOP McCalls dress, too:

Make this day a good one!

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