Monday, July 30, 2012

McCalls 2094 – Yellow/Black/White Dotted Top With Cut In Shoulders

I used McCalls 2094 as a jumping off point to make a simple top that I'd been wanting for while, but didn't have a pattern for:

This was an incredibly easy redraft.

I removed the front button opening and replaced it with a back zip opening. I also moved the side dart to the neckline. I turned the neck darts into 6 open, but functioning control pleats.

And then I focused on the armholes. I love a high neckline with cutaway shoulders, so I turned the armholes into cutaways.

I bias bound the neckline the traditional way, but I used the hidden bias method for the armholes.

When it was time to hem it, I realized that I didn't allow for the hem. ACK! I fixed it by hand stitching a very tiny rolled hem. Perfect!!! Next time, though, I'm adding an inch to the length for a regular hem.

Here's my new top!

Keep going--post 3 of 3 for today is next . . .

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