Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Look 6107 - Adjusted to have a slightly higher neckline

When I made New Look 6107, I raised the neckline by 2 inches. I thought that would be more than enough, but when I wanted to wear it, it felt a teeny bit too low to wear comfortably.

Here's the pattern again:

I had no choice but to raise the neckline. I could have done it with a modesty panel, but it would have looked too obvious. I could have added ruffles, but it would have required a LOT of undoing and redoing of seams.

What I did instead, was to add self fabric flowers around the neckline--4 on each side! It raised the neckline by around one more inch. It's amazing what a few flowers can do! It is now perfect for me!

Here it is:

When I sew it again, I'll raise the neckline by a total of 3 inches, so I won't have to futz with it later.

Make this day a good one!

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