Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OOP Vogue 8422 - Blue & White Floral Printed Wrap Top

I love wrap tops, especially the ones with high necklines! Wrap tops with high necklines are a throwback to the elegant fashion of the 1940s!

I love Grace Kelly's high necked wrap top--she wore this in Rear Window:

The wrap top that I  made isn't sleeveless, but it does have a high neck. I used Vogue 8422, which is OOP. I got it when it was first issued and have had it since practically forever!

I love view B and made it once before out of a solid black knit. I don't really like wearing black, so the top itself wasn't a fave.

The pattern, Vogue 8422, is a fave, though! It's part of the Very Easy Vogue pattern--deservedly so! It only took me around an hour to finish all of the cutting and machine stitching. Here's the pattern:

This time around, I made it out of light blue and white floral print that's remniscent of the prints that were around back in the 1940s! That decade was before my time, but I love the elegant fashions from that era! One of the reasons I love the high surplice neckline is because that's what they wore back then! I also like high surplice necklines because they aren't too revealing! You know how wrap tops can be!

If you look at the pattern pic, you'll see that View B has what appear to be ruched sleeves. They aren't really. To get that effect, the pattern piece for the sleeve is simply drafted to be longer than your regular sleeve length. What you do to get the ruching is simply sew the sleeve to be fitted and let the extra length ruche itself when you put it on. It's a super easy way to get that effect. Here's my top:

The detail that I especially love about this wrap top is that the front side is gathered into the wrap tie--it's so elegant!!!

When you tie the top, all of those gathers form very flattering ruching across the front!

The pattern is a good one--it's drafted really well. All of the pieces go together perfectly. And the sizing was exactly what I expected it to be.

I didn't make any adjustments at all for this top. I am a proportioned petite and usually have to shorten the waist length on everything. I usually don't do it for knit wrap tops because you can adjust where the waist is by how you tie the tie.

I was originally going to use the fabric to make New Look 6071, but whenever I pulled the fabric out to cut it, I'd lose interest. Here's New Look 6071:

I'm glad I went with the wrap top instead!

Up next is McCalls 6435.

Make this day a good one!

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