Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh That New Look Peplum Dress!!! Love it!!! Should I????

I have been thinking and thinking about the peplum dress from New Look 6124.

I really like the printed version and want to make it with this mint green fabric--it was on the dress board that I posted recently:

What's holding me back is that I'm not sure a peplum like that will be flattering on me.

I knew the New Look 6130 asymmetrical peplum would be flattering because the hem doesn't cut straight across. I'm happy to say that I was definitely right about that! It's very flattering. If you have hips and want to give peplums a try, definitely at least make a muslin of 6130. Speaking from direct experience, the peplum doesn't call attention to my hips precisely because of the asymmetry. It is an amazing peplum design!!!

I guess I'll give 6124 a try. If the peplum ends up looking absolutely awful on me, I'll just remove it and wear the dress as a fitted sheath. That would work! Besides, look at how great the View A sheath looks! It looks like a sundress from the front, but from the back, it looks like a regular dress.

Not sure when I'll get to it, but it'll be soon!

Make this day a good one!

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