Monday, August 20, 2012

McCalls 6444 - And the fun continues - Green & White Striped Cardi - Done!

I love McCalls 6444:

I've made it several times before. It's a TNT, so nothing new to say about this one. If you want to read the past posts about it, go here and here.

This time around, I made it with a fun green and white striped knit to match the top that I just posted about.

It's part of a twinset that almost wasn't because of operator error.

I cut the front and back for the cardi, and then I got really enthused about the matching top and cut out all of the pieces for it. After I was finished, I realized that I didn't cut the sleeves for the cardi! UGH!!! And all I had left were scraps!!!! OMG!!!

I looked at the scraps and frantically went through them! I could easily cut the cuffs, but nothing was big enough for the sleeves. And then I remembered throwing some scraps away earlier, so I checked the sewing trash can. Voila! Two pieces just barely big enough to cut the sleeves!!! YAY!!!

Here's my new cardi . . . with sleeves and with the matching top!

Well, that concludes my weekend wrap up!

Make this day a really good one!

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