Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some Interesting Sewing Info on the Net

I was looking around and found some interesting and . . . FREE . . . sewing articles and books online. Check them out:

The first one is a vintage pattern drafting book that's difficult to find--since I'm in a drafting mood, I am thinking about drafting some of the interesting bodices!

If you want to save the download, move your cursor towards the bottom center of the screen--when the menu bar appears (it's the type that appears when your mouse is in the right spot), click on the first icon, the one right before the printer. The SAVE AS screen will appear--go from there (instruction for saving applies to all of the following):


2. Over at BMV, there are some pretty good articles that are free to download. Too bad they're so well hidden that most people don't even know they exist! To find the free articles, go to, and click on magazines. Look at the left side bar, and click on articles.

Or go here:

For example, here's the link to their article about making a ham:

3. If you want to download of a vintage Singer book on sewing machines, go here:

I have a vintage Singer, but haven't read the entire book, yet. What I did see just from quickly browsing, so far, are some sewing tips that beginners might be interested in (as in how to hold your fabric when sewing, etc.). I also saw some instructions for using various attachments--that's what I'm interested in!

I didn't sew anything yesterday, but am planning to sew today.

That's it for now.

Make this day a good one!

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