Monday, August 20, 2012

OOP Butterick 5458 - Coral Cotton Sateen Top - Done!

I originally planned to sew a coral wrap top as part of my PAC. BUT, at the very last minute, just as I was about to press down on the scissors to cut the fabric, I pulled my hand back! I couldn't do it because I kept imagining the knit cardi looking bumpy right where the wrap was tied!

Can't have that! So I replaced the wrap top with the no fuss, no muss sleeveless top from OOP Butterick 5458:

I still want a coral wrap top, just not as part of this PAC.

I originally sewed this pattern a few years ago, but only wore the top a few times because of the fabric that I chose--a poor quality pink cotton print that faded at the edges after only a couple of times through the washer and dryer. 

I liked the style a lot, so I made it again in a solid white pique. It was flattering and matched with practically everything I wanted to wear it with. It was definitely a go to piece for me--I liked it soo much that I wore it out.

It was definitely time to make another one.

This time, I used a solid cotton sateen in a very nice shade of coral. The color is a little more vibrant than the coral of the cardi that I wrote about last time, but they go together nicely.

Here it is with the cardi (don't mind the cardi--I took the pic just after a whole day of wearing it).

For the top, I made my usual petite and hourglass adjustments. I also folded out the center front pleat that runs from the top to the bottom of the bodice--it would have looked awful on me if it opened. For a more polished finish, I also extended the bottom darts to the hemline.

Here's my new blouse (not pressed yet):

That's two down! YAY!

Up next is another Simplicity cardi, this time in navy.

Make this day a good one!!!

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